New Brunswick's Cannabis Coordinator

Here To Help, Here To Connect

The NBCO identifies and supports opportunities to grow the cannabis sectors of New Brunswick and Atlantic Canada.

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What We Do

MATCHMAKING and SUPPORTING industry and academic assets, stakeholders and projects.

FINANCIAL SUPPORT path-finding for industry and institutional projects and players.

STRATEGIC OVERSIGHT for regional opportunities related to a greater Cannabis strategy in New Brunswick, and Atlantic Canada.

COORDINATE provincial and regional cannabis activities and research projects in support of industry, academia and government stakeholders.

The Cannabis Coordinator is Here To Connect…


Will take the lead in cannabis including those in the innovation space. Only YOU know your pain points, so in order to facilitate the growth of the industry, we will connect and listen to your needs.


Will take the lead in researching the cannabis plant and its capabilities and educating a skilled and capable workforce for the ecosystem.


Will take the lead in creating policy that works for all stakeholders. The policies YOU create, will also help our ecosystem flourish at home and abroad.

Cannabis Coordinator Strategy

Act as arms-length support to assess and “gap fill” needs between cannabis stakeholders.

Liaise and network with national and international cannabis stakeholders and associations that do not currently have a presence in Atlantic Canada.

Perform confidential and strategic matchmaking among regional cannabis stakeholders.