About the NBCO

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We are the New Brunswick Cannabis Office. You can call us the NBCO (catchy, eh?)

The NBCO is a non governmental agency with the sole purpose of supporting growth opportunities for Atlantic Canada’s emerging cannabis industry. If you’re a cannabis industry professional, researcher, investor, or any individual looking to take part in the region’s cannabis opportunities then you have come to the right place.

To learn more about how and why the NBCO was created, read our blog post.


Brennan Sisk, the NB Cannabis Coordinator

I have 22 years of B2B marketing experience both in domestic and international markets, specializing in biotechnology, engineering, agricultural, environmental, and renewable energy. I’d love to connect with you discuss all things cannabis: legislation, business, science, and where you fit.

what we do


Are you a cannabis industry professional, researcher or individual looking to create new products or opportunities in cannabis? We can help! Connect with us.

Podcast & Blog

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our role

Act as arms-length support to assess and “gap fill” needs between stakeholders.

Support the identification of industry and academic assets, stakeholders and projects

Evaluate and support regional opportunities related to a greater Cannabis strategy in New Brunswick, and Atlantic Canada.

Liaise and network with national and international cannabis stakeholders and associations that do not currently have a presence in Atlantic Canada.

Coordinate provincial and regional cannabis activities and research projects in support of industry, academia and government stakeholders.

Path-find for financial support – for industry and institutional projects and players.

Perform confidential and strategic matchmaking among regional cannabis stakeholders.

Grow the region’s cannabis sector activities.

Support the identification and potential convergence of existing sectors including: Ag, Ag-tech, Energy, Water-Tech, and Clean Tech around this new emerging opportunity.

Given the nascent sector and its rate of development – support a focus on market intelligence, networking, and data collection will be key to building value proposition for stakeholders.

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