East Coast Cannabis Hour Podcast

This is the East Coast Cannabis Hour: Mapping Atlantic Canada’s Cannabis Future

What if you could be a fly on the wall while Atlantic Canada’s cannabis decision-makers debate, solve problems, and strategize about how this region will become the world’s cannabis leader? I’m Brennan Sisk, New Brunswick’s Cannabis Coordinator, and on this podcast I’ll be meeting companies, researchers, and policy-makers who are turning cannabis into prosperity and wealth for the entire region.

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A Cannabis Grower's Guide to Going Legal – with Tamara Follett of Sunleaf Farmacy The East Coast Cannabis Hour

So many Canadian cannabis growers want to go "legit". But what does it take? Our guest Tamara Follett of Sunleaf Farmacy is a successful micro cannabis producer with a background in pharmaceutical regulatory compliance. Let's just say… she knows her stuff. Listen as she discusses the costs, infrastructure upgrades, and regulatory compliance needed to start a successful cannabis growing operation in Canada's legal cannabis landscape.
  1. A Cannabis Grower's Guide to Going Legal – with Tamara Follett of Sunleaf Farmacy
  2. Hemp Opportunities in Atlantic Canada – Kevin Cain, Modern Hemp Innovations
  3. Creating Rural Jobs in NB with Cannabis – Eco Canadian Organic
  4. Crystal Cure's Craft Cannabis Journey – Quality, Transparency, and Sustainability
  5. The Next Big Cannabis Opportunity with Chris Dickie, Multi-Sector Expert

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